WOMAN Exhibitions

Woman in Conversation group art exhibition is an annual event organised by GCMAGIC during March coincide with Qeensland Women's Week


MASKED Exhibitions, 2021

"MASKED" exhibitions were held at One Arts Gold Coast Gallery in March 2021 and at Gold Coast University Hospital in April 2021.


Multilingual Poetry Night,

An intimate gathering of poets and poetry lover, in collaboration with MFO. Free event and open to public.


NO! to sexual violence, 

Photography Exhibition at One Arts Gold Coast. A project funded by Department of Community/Queensland Government and in collaboration with MFO.



Womanhood Exhibition, 



Good for her, Great for us

Womanhood Exhibition for Queensland Women's Week


The People and The Place, 

The People and The Place, is about building awareness of community about the artists members of ‘Artists in Paradise’. It is about developing a sense of belonging to the place, a great city of the Gold Coast. It is about linking the "people" to the "place". 
The project consists of a 36 minute documentary of artists who shared their artistic and cultural backgrounds with the viewers. You can see the promo of the film by clicking here. 
The People and The Place, was officially launched at the Chambers of the Gold Coast City Council on 17th July 2012. 
In the absence of the Mayor, Tom Tate, the event was addressed by Deputy Mayor Councillor Donna Gates. The project was funded by Arts Queensland. 


A group exhibition focused on equality and respect to individuality - by the members of ‘Artists in Paradise’ at Robina Arts Gallery. 

Transcending Identity, November 2010

Transcending Identity was an innovative artistic movement on the Gold Coast by ‘Artists in Paradise’. The project was an outcome of a series of advanced visual (painting) workshops. 
Transcending Identity aimed at showcasing the identity of individual exhibitors from diverse cultural backgrounds. The aim then focused on beyond the social efforts and environmental which form the artists’ experiences. The project is funded by Gambling Community Benefit Funds - Queensland Government and was launched at the Chambers of Gold Coast City Council with entertainment. 

Free-Title art exhibition, August 

The project consisted of eight artistic skill development workshops and exhibition at Robina Arts Gallery. 

Formation of Artists in Paradise, 

Gold Coast MAGIC formed a new local visual art group. The Group was launched on 6th November 2008 at the Chambers of the Gold Coast City Council through exhibiting 22 artworks by the registered artists. 
Approximately 700 people visited the exhibition which was continued to 14th November. The Launched was funded by Regional Arts Development Fund. The Group aims at bringing new artistic movements by holding technical workshops and annual themed exhibition. 

Gold Coast Multicultural Festival, 

Gold Cost MAGIC was appointed by the Gold Coast City Council to provide a series of artistic workshops for the opening of Gold Coast Multicultural Festival which was held on 7th November 2008 at Carrara Stadium for the first time. The workshops were very well received by the public and more than 240 people participated in different workshops activities. 

Quilt of Diversity, 

669 hand-made tiles formed a ceramic quilt by emerging visual artists under the supervision of Midge Johansen at Mudgeeraba workshop studio. The Quilt is installed at Gold Coast Botanic Garden, Ashmore Road. Nearly 700 people visited this magnificent public art work at during its Opening in September 2007. The project was funded by Arts Queensland.


Self-Expression Through Arts, 

The project consisted of ten ceramic and tile making workshops, 2005, conducted by established artist – Midge Johnson at Mudgeeraba ceramic workshops and funded by Regional Arts Development Funds, Gold Coast City Council. 

The People, 

Ten artistic workshops and a themed group exhibition at Robina Art Gallery, funded by Arts Queensland. 
The 10 emerging local artists, from diverse backgrounds including Finland, Australia, Aboriginal, Afghanistan, Iran, Poland, Austria, New Zealand, Czechoslovakia, Holland and Korea, developed a theme for the exhibition. Each artist produced one artwork towards the theme which was "The People". All 10 paintings were the same size and being placed side-by-side as one piece aimed at reflecting harmony in diversity. The exhibition enjoyed a spectacular opening with a variety of food and music from different cultures, was held at Robina Arts Gallery and received number of media coverage. 

A Window to the Diversity of Arts, 

The project consisted of various arts workshops and an exhibition. This was the first project held by Gold Coast MAGIC. The workshop consisted of introduction to oil painting, gold making work & introduction to Chinese brush painting. At the Opening, they were some of the Gold Coast finest musicians, dancers and emerging artists performed. The performances varied from meditative and relaxing to lively and danceable. Amongst them a four-piece band playing traditional Persian music and recited poems by Rumi, smooth rock ballads as well as a hip hop performer and the south pacific Island Dance Group whose show included a fire dancer and Polynesian dancer in exquisite costumes from their native homeland. 
The exhibition entitled "A Window to Diversity in the Art"was held at the Robina art Gallery. The artists, from diverse backgrounds including India, Iraq, Czechoslovakia, China, Iran, Egypt and Italy, displayed their works including ceramic and mixed media sculpture, traditional and contemporary oil painting, digital media and photography. The exhibition was opened by Griffith University's Street Theatre Group.
A group arts exhibition at Robina Art Gallery, funded by Arts Queensland. 



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