GCMAGIC is funded by Multicultural Affair Queensland to hold a series of arts workshops. This unique workshops selection are open to the public


International Woman's Day during Queensland Women's Week, 


Cultural Fiesta with Sweet Sound, 

A ‘Sold Out’ concert held at Arts Centre Gold Coast. Sweet Sound ensemble presented a fusion music taking the audience on a journey through diverse musical traditions. It created unique interpretations of well- known Western Classical Music and Iranian folk music.

Lullabies from around the world, 

The Lullabies project is an innovative project, which was designed to showcase the cultural diversity that exists in our Gold Coast community.
This collection of lullabies presented in the form of a book and a CD is a representative of the rich cultural tapestry of Australia. It also shows parts of the story of Australians as one nation. Among the contributors are: Aboriginal (Yorta Yorta tribe) , Austrian, Columbian, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Latvian, Lebanese, Lithuanian, Maltese, Persian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, South African, Syrian, Swiss and Vietnamese.
Each track in the CD is an original recording, performed by individuals representing each multicultural community that is covered. The stories in the book are in English so as to be accessible to all readers. The songs on the CD are sung entirely in the native language. The book and CD are suitable for all age groups.
You can find those videos below:

Dance Night, 

An event featured at showcasing the local cultural richness through cultural dances.


 Fiesta of Diversity, 2007
The Fiesta highlighted the exciting local cultural richness by showcasing the arts and entertainments of different cultural groups and individual artists. The event was funded by Multicultural Affairs Queensland.
The Fiesta consisted of ‘Dance Fiesta’ performed by Polynesian, Arabic, Colombian and African dancers, ‘European Fiesta’ in collaboration with Baltic society, ‘Persian Youth Fiesta’ with individual young musicians, ‘Bollywood’ with Shanti Yoga, and ‘Maori Fiesta’ with Wahine Maori Cultural Group.

Persian Night, 

The event was performed by one of the most popular Persian bands, Darvak Music Group. The group was visiting the Gold Coast and their concert allowed for local musicians, especially those far from home, to engage with a professional band from Iran. The event was held at Robina Community Centre.

Festival of Diversity, 

The Festival was one-off community event consisting of the workshops: Colombian and Belly dance, Hungarian Embroidery, Creative Art, Photography and Tableh (Indian percussion). The workshops were extremely well received by the public. The event was funded by Arts Queensland and was held at the Bicentennial Community Hall at the Gold Coast City Council.

World Music Café, 

The event was held at Robina Community Centre and included Indian Classical by professional Tabla (Claypot), and percussion player David Fernandez and professional Sitar, Flute and Flamenco guitar player Peter Davitian. 


Ross Daly Concert, 

The mystique of Mediterranean was brought to the Gold Coast with Daly and his top-class musician friends. It was a great opportunity for GC MAGIC and Gold Coast audiences to view the fantastic music from Ross Daly – a musician originally from Ireland who visited Greece more than 20 years ago and never went home. The events were very received by the wider community. 

Candles in the Night, 

The idea of the Night was providing opportunity for people to read poems in their native languages to the audiences from diverse cultural and language speaking backgrounds. The main aim of the event was to break the language barriers and develop confidence among poets from Non-English Speaking backgrounds. 


Monsieur Camembert, 

In August 2001, GC MAGIC staged Monsieur Camembert, a six-piece band that performs stirring eastern European music that fuses Gypsy-Swing, Klazmer, Hungarian & Russian Gypsy, Tango, French, Greek & Israeli music, with their original composition.


Cultural Fiesta, 

The Fiesta was a combination of 2 artists/government, and artists/community seminars, 3 poetry nights, and numbers of performances: music from Wales, Ireland, Indonesia and the former Czechoslovakia, dances by Latin American, street theatre by Griffith University’s theatre group and an arts exhibition. The project was funded by Arts Queensland. 
The Launch of Gold Coast MAGIC, November 2000
Gold Coast MAGIC was established to prove the way for multicultural artists to share their music, dance and visual art. The group also aims to keep alive all ethnic traditional art forms. 
After a series of research and community/government consultations, Gold Coast MAGIC was officially opened with a message from the Minister for Arts, Matt Foley & Mayor and Gary Baildon on the 10th November 2000 in the foyer of the Gold Coast city council's offices in Bundall. The event was supported by cultural development until of the local council and benefited from the participation of 9 local councillors, representatives of multicultural affairs Queensland & Art Queensland as well as a great number of the general public.
One of the innovating pieces of art in the event combined 3 forms of art: creative writing, public reading and spontaneous painting related to be writing and reading and a solo Accordion. A group of young artists spontaneously painted a related to a story which was written and read by migrant artists. There was also a Spanish Flamenco dance by local artist, Ana-Isabel Arroyo. 

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